Aaron Charles

Aaron Charles is an international dance teacher of Caribbean descent whom was born and raised in East London. Currently residing in Helsinki after 8 years of pioneering house dance and spreading hiphop dance throughout the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi.

Since he first stepped into the battle scene in 2009 he has been travelling to different parts of the world learning, battling and sharing. The highlight competitions were winning SDK UK qualifier in London being the finalist in Juste Debout UK, winning Baltic session prop dance in Estonia, however Aaron has now stepped down from the battle scene since 2012.

Since retiring from the battle scene Aaron has been concentrating solely on excelling his skills as an educator / mentor by combining years of experience from being personal trainer, sports massage therapist, former English teacher, kindergarten group worker and more. He has taught in various dance studios in UK from Pineapple Studio, Studio 68 and more. He has trained in different styles including house, hip hop, contemporary, dancehall, popping, breaking and authentic jazz. At StepUp Aaron teaches hiphop and specializes in house dance.

Aaron Charles has an extremely unique approach to teaching and developing his students through dance and creative learning. Aaron’s classes are focused on having fun, freestyle development and learning choreography. As a person he is energetic, positive, and hardworking when it comes to teaching students of all ages, younger to older.

Aaron teaches his classes in English.

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