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Welcome to StepUp School

Enjoy our positive and joyful atmosphere for dancing. We offer dance lessons for all ages – from 3-year-olds to over 60-year-olds, from beginners to professionals. We emphasize on show and street dance styles and offer various classes for body maintenance.

In addition to dance, you are able to study musical theater either in Skene Musical Theatre School programs or in open Skene classes for children.

We offer dance classes in three different locations; Sörnäinen (Helsinki), Myyrmäki (Vantaa) and Matinkylä (Espoo).

Classes can be paid with a single-ticket, serial tickets, seasonal ticket or with an Anytime card. You can also pay your own classes with Liikuntaseteli ”exercise voucher” or by other benefit vouchers, electronic cards, and/or electronic vouchers provided to you by your employer. We highly recommend trying your first dance class with a single ticket.

Due to the covid-19 situation, the spring season 2021 begins in stages, so that the classes for children and juniors (3-15 years) begin on Monday, January 18th and the remaining classes are scheduled to begin on Monday, February 1st. All Tapanila pop-up dance schools classes will also be started on February 1st. 

Studio 5 at StepUp School Helsinki is not currently in our use, which will change the time and studio of a few classes. The schedule also includes a few lessons for children and juniors which will start on February 1st. Also, age-limitless classes do not start yet and 13+ classes are currently considered to be classes in the 13–15 age group.

Check the details of your own lessons in the attached pdf schedule: Tanssintuntien poikkeusaikataulu ajalla 18. – 31.1.2021

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Pop-up dance school in Tapanilan Urheilukeskus offeres classes only with a special course payment from February 1st to May 28th. Check out the schedule here ››. Enrollment to Tapanila classes and further information by e-mail:

If you have any questions, please contact us on weekdays at 11.00-16.00. You can reach us by phone 09 7746 1730 or by e-mail