Arriving to dance school

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Arrive to dance school in good time, preferably about 20 minutes before your class starts. Each of our premises has a reception in which you must enroll as an attending student before going to class. Reception also sells tickets to classes. The reception will be opened half an hour before the first class of the day begins and will be closed after the last dance class has started. Notice, that the dance class must be paid in advance before taking a lesson. We highly recommend trying your first dance class with a single ticket.

Self service kiosk

If you attend a class with a seasonal ticket, special training program fee or Anytime ticket, you can also enroll yourself as attending student with self service kiosk instead of reception. Please note that then you must have pre-registration for the class. You cannot buy tickets or make absence announcements with the self service kiosk. The self service kiosk cannot be used with single tickets or series tickets. The self service kiosk works with a customer card, which you get at the reception on your first visit.

How to use the self service kiosk:

  1. Swipe your card (if you come to our classes for the first time, you will get a card at the reception).
  2. Choose the classes you will participate in today
  3. Confirm your choice
  4. Log out

In case of problems, contact the reception.

Dance clothing and other equipment

Wear something comfortable to move in that you don’t mind getting sweaty (eg. normal indoor sports clothes like sweat pants and T-shirt). Bring water, in a bottle that closes securely. Each of our premises has dressing rooms and shower facilities. A gym towel may come in handy.

Some dance lessons can be attended barefoot (eg. show, lyrical jazz, contemporary dance) and some classes require soft sneakers or sneakers especially designed for dance (street, boys’ club, commercial). Outdoor shoes are not allowed. You can attend your first class barefoot.

We ask parents who bring small children to class to note that if your child needs help in the changing room, you must use the changing room according to the parent’s own gender.

Please take care of your things

StepUp School is not responsible for items left in the dressing rooms or other places in the dance school. Valuables should be taken to class or left in lockers. Leave your shoes neatly in the shoe rack at the entrance. You can also pack your shoes in a bag, you can ask the reception for a plastic bag for this. You can inquire about lost and found items at the office or reception.